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Care & Use Basics
Keep it in a cool dry place. 
Wash your Musowood products in warm water and soap.
Do not place it near hot objects or fire. 
Never submerge wood in water or put it in the dishwasher or microwave oven!
Oiling & Maintenance
Regular oiling will help to maintain the deep luster of the wood and ensure your Musowood products last for years to come. 
When your cutting board first arrives it will be thirsty, oil your board once a day for the first week to "season" the board.
Once your board is seasoned, oil it once a month for the first year, and at least once a year for life. 
Our food-grade blend of mineral and wax is great at preventing cracks. 
Don't use an oil that can go bad like olive or canola oil.
1.Due to the product is measured manually, there may be an error about the size,thanks for your kindly understanding.
2.Wood production, there may be different wood grain, color difference, wood knot, etc. is a normal phenomenon, can not be avoided. Thanks for your kindly understanding.

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